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Small Update–Back Online!

Laura : February 9, 2016 12:28 pm : Career, IT Topics, Microsoft Certification

Hello my fellow IT guys and girls.

So as you may have noticed (or not noticed as is more likely), I have been largely out of action for the last few months or so. The reason for this? In my last post, I wrote about my excitement (with equal parts anxiety) about my new Systems Administrator role. I also mentioned that I was uprooting myself from my hometown of Hamilton to Wellington. I have also moved houses twice since moving down there. Basically, apart from at work I have had to live largely internet free for the last three months while waiting for the internet to be connected. I’m pleased to say I’m back and ready to put a bit more time into personalizing and updating my blog more.

I’m now three months into my job and my manager has been very helpful in encouraging me to develop a training plan. I think I would really like to do a post sometime soon to cover off how everyone could benefit for making their own training plan. I can only imagine if an individual presented their IT employer with a list of relevant training and examples of why this would ultimately provide benefit for the organization, how impressed they might be. Not to mention how much benefit you will get out of actively planning out training.

As part of my training plan, I have also made a goal to start aiming for MCSA (Windows Server). This includes three exams (70-410, 70-411 & 70-412). The Windows 8.1 exam was a bit of a hard slog last time, so I have decided to start small for now and am focusing on the 70-410 (Configuring Windows Server 2012 R2) exam.

So as I begin this new training regime, I hope to post more and with a little more variety than my standard troubleshooting notes. That’s the goal anyway. I will see how I go, your constructive comments welcomed as always. Smile

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Career Milestone: Job Change – Junior Systems Administrator

Laura : December 8, 2015 3:53 pm : Career, General

Sorry it has taken me a little while to post this. I have actually been in my new role for a month now. But I’ve had no internet at home, which is challenging on the best of days but to a tech person such as myself, this has been very frustrating indeed. I also wanted to take a little time to settle into my new job before posting about it.

As you probably realised when you first came across my blog, the major motivation underpinning it is the setting and working toward goals. This is something anyone can and should be doing. But it is also about realizing that sometimes the road isn’t always smooth while you are working towards said goals. Anyway, the next step in my career has begun…

Just over a month ago, I left my hometown of Hamilton, New Zealand and moved down to the capital city Wellington. It was here that I began a new phase in my career when I started working as a Junior Systems Administrator. When I set my goals while first starting this blog, I set my timelines a bit shorter. But that doesn’t matter, in the end I’m really pleased to be taking the step up (I can now honestly say it really it a BIG step up) from Service Desk. I was a bit sad to leave my team as they were amazing people and I had a fantastic boss and good friends for team-mates. But I took the leap and here I am. It is a massive learning curve so far.

I think the Service Desk was the best starting point possible for me, because it taught me the fundamentals about not just IT, but also customer service. What you have to realise is that, these days technical work goes hand in hand with customer services. To be successful in IT, you absolutely must develop some people skills as well.

The fundamental difference (for me) I think has been that on the SD, you learn the basics and you get a really good foothold on those basics. You also become a bit of a jack/jill-of-all-trades because of the range of issues you encounter. But you are always so busy that if you want to know something a little more in-depth, then you either have to talk to an engineer, get some training or do some research in your own time.

Sys Admin work is a different beast. At least for me it has been the ability to become more ‘technical’. That is you get to learn about more complex things. Configuration for firewalls, switches, backup tapes etc as well as your standard IT person work (which you normally will still have).

Anyway! All going well I will give you an update a bit later when (hopefully) I have settled in a bit more. Any questions or advise about getting into IT…feel free to ask. IT will only be my humble opinion of course, but I am happy to help. :-)

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Career Milestone Update: One Year + First MCP

Laura : May 2, 2015 11:35 pm : Career

In just over a month, I will have been working on a Service Desk Analyst for a year


Time does fly. I still recall quite vividly the excitement mixed with a rather large dose of fear at the idea of starting something completely new. I figured that because it has been a whole year, it was about time I wrote a post to update you all on how I am getting on.

I am pleased to announce that this post coincides with a very important week. This was the week that I sat, and passed my first MCP exam. Yes everyone, you can call me Microsoft Certified Professional Now!

Naturally, it certainly hasn’t been an easy year. In fact, it has been incredibly challenging but also quite rewarding at times. All and all it has been a big learning curve and far more challenging than I think I ever realised. The last few months alone have been extremely challenging.

Studying for an MCP whilst working has been incredibly difficult. I have had to give up much of spare time for this, including weekends. And the study itself is not easy, either. It requires an in-depth knowledge that you just can’t get if you don’t work your butt off. Still, now that I have attained my first MCP I cannot describe the feeling of accomplishment I feel. It was hard, but I feel like it was worth it now.

But do I regret the change? No! This was the best change I could have possibly made for my career. Compared to my previous jobs, this career track gives me much more mental stimulation and far better future prospects.

Watch this space! I’m off on holiday this month, but I hope to do a post at some point explaining what study techniques I found useful. Otherwise, I will update you in due course.

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The Purpose of this Website

Laura : June 14, 2014 9:57 pm : Career, General

Have you ever felt yourself stuck in a career rut? I think this might be more common situation than most of us are willing to admit. I have found myself in this kind of rut over the last few years, that has culminated in a realisation that the time has come to do something purposeful about it.

I have just, in the last few weeks gained my first IT service desk position.  This is a huge deal for me. The sheer range of potential opportunities this gives me is immense. It is with this in mind that I began to think about the work required to realise those opportunities.  IT in particular is a career track that rewards hard work and dedication. That means study towards certifications, such as MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) and also important practical learning.

I aim for this website to serve a few different functions. Firstly, to support my continuous learning on the job, during study and any self directed research. Secondly, to keep me focused via my Career/Study Map which I intend to add to and change as my career goals become focused. I also hope that my learning will help others with their learning and setting of career goals.

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Laura : June 12, 2014 8:29 am : Career

Welcome to my home page.

I created this site to mark an important change in my life.

I am about to embark on a scary yet exciting journey into the professional world of I.T.

I have just signed up for my first Service Desk job.  This is merely a starting point in the industry and I’ve realised I have a lot of learning to do. But I’m excited about it!

As you look around this site you will notice a focus on goal setting with a particular emphasis on my Career/Study Map as a guidepost for my future aims.  These are not designed to be set it stone, they are simply important milestones along the IT career track. I cannot say for certain that in a year, my goals will be the same, therefore this page will be added to and changed as time goes on.

The important bit will eventually be my IT blog, which I hope will serve to remind me how far I’ve come with my learning. I aim to update it often and to come back to develop my knowledge base over time.  I also want it to become a resource for my new job. It would be great if it could become something that helps other “newbies” be inspired to work hard for their IT career and to help us remember that we all have to start somewhere!

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